Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden

Nancy forrester's secret garden table and chairs

Nancy Forrester, a Key West artist and environmental educator, has worked passionately to save the last acre of undeveloped open wooded land within Old Town Key West. This land is called Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden, also known as Key West’s Exotic Tropical Botanical Garden and Key West’s Rainforest. Although not visible from the street, a small lane called Free School Lane leads to the garden’s entrance. Free School Lane is perpendicular to Simonton Street on the northeast side of the street (midway off of the 500 block). The entrance to the lane is right across the street from Heron House (a bed and breakfast). Although sometimes covered up by large leafy tree limbs, the lane does have a metal street sign (Free School Lane is stenciled in black letters). Upon entering the garden, you will find beautiful ferns, aroids, shade palms, rare and endangered plants, and gorgeous parrots. You will not see concrete or bricks covering the earth. Everything is done to preserve the natural soil. The garden is both beautiful and breathtaking. A perfect place to walk through and enjoy on any given day! You almost forget that restaurants and hotels are just across and down the street.

Also within the lush green garden is Nancy’s Cottage. By renting the studio you help Nancy save this awe inspiring piece of land. Go to for more information. So hurry down to Free School Lane and enjoy Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden. A most relaxing way to spend your time during the day.

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